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Main reasons why they stopped texting

There are many reasons why he would stop texting you everyday or reduce his messaging frequency all of a sudden – it really isn’t the end of the world! Perhaps he’s going through a particularly busy time in his life and needs some space or peace of mind, to think, to spend time alone or to solve a particular personal or family issue. There could by all sorts of reasons, and perhaps they don’t feel ready to share details with their wider circle just yet – which is perfectly understandable! We shouldn’t feel pressurised into sharing every personal detail of our lives to everyone we know – it’s OK to keep some things to ourselves!

We should also remember that although we live in a tech-heavy society and we’re all seemingly consumed with our devices for large parts of our day, not everyone wants to be “connected” and “online” every minute of the day, feeling that they have to answer all messages, both professional and personal, immediately. Sometimes it also happens that he’s online but not replying.

Tip nº 1: He/she might just be busy

One of the most common reasons behind partners or people we’re dating not texting so much or stopping their messaging flow is simply due to a matter of time. We all lead increasingly busy lives, juggling various activities, commitments, personal needs and social relationships, and sometimes it’s just very hard to keep on top of it all!

So consider giving them the benefit of the doubt, at least initially, and don’t fret with the situation – often it resolves itself after a short amount of time without us even having to take any action. It’s also wise to monitor the situation as the days go by to see if there are any changes – was it just a lapse of a couple of day? Or has the messaging stopped outright without resuming at all?

Tip nº 2: They just want to take a break from social media

So she stopped texting you every day? Maybe the reason behind the break in their messaging flow is to do with them needing a break from social media platforms and activity. This, too, is completely understandable and we should be tolerant and not hold it against them in any way – it can happen to any of us! Being active on all the leading social networks on a daily or weekly basis is for many a source of pressure, stress and anxiety, and social media companies for their own benefit are very demanding of users’ time and attention. This, if we’re not careful and mindful of our own behaviour, can lead to a toxic use of these apps, of our devices and of our precious time.

Tip nº 3: You are too needy

“The guy stopped texting me out of nowhere!” is a common complaint we hear! Another potential reason may be that you are being too needy, and this kind of behaviour often tends to put people off, or have them take a step back for a while, even subconsciously. It’s a good idea to think to yourself – am I being too needy? Do I associate people responding instantly to my messages with my idea of self-worth? It’s definitely worth keeping these issues in check every once in a while, as if we’re not careful we might fall into the trap of being too demanding on others or expecting instant responses when they’re not really that crucial to us, or shouldn’t be, at any rate.

Tip nº 4: You waited too long to make a move

If he has suddenly stopped texting you, did you wait too long to make your move, and are now regretting not having moved quickly enough? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – this happens to many of us! It’s an easy situation to get oneself into. Perhaps we were afraid, perhaps it was a feeling of personal insecurity, or just good old procrastination – whatever the reasoning behind our actions, it might be that we just didn’t move fast enough at the start to “register our interest” in the other person, and as a result, they’re not quite sure whether we’re even into them or not!

Tip nº 5: You are pushing / pushed too much

Another reason why the person we’re dating is being distant with their messaging and responses is that we might have pushed too much, or perhaps we’re pushing too much at the moment, and this is causing them to back off. We need to be careful as people need their own personal space, and sometimes we can be a bit too eager, or expect too much from the other person. No one wants to feel bombarded or pressurised into responding quickly to messages or doing things out of duty rather than free will or because they actually want to. In our blog post how to flirt over text we help you

Tip nº 6: You broke boundaries

Did you break any social or intimate boundaries with the person you’re dating? This can include a whole range of behaviours, from the mild to the problematic. The issue here is that often these behaviours aren’t even conscious! And perhaps the person you’re dating doesn’t feel ready to share with you that you did indeed cross a boundary. Sometimes we forget to communicate what our boundaries even are, and so it can happen that the person we’re dating crosses them unknowingly. It’s definitely a good idea to talk these things through at the beginning and for both parties to set appropriate expectations.

What can I do when this happens?

In summary, there are many reasons why the person we’re dating stop texting us, or doesn’t immediately respond to our messages, whether that’s on instant messaging apps or on social media platforms. What can be done? The best option is always communication, transparency and honesty – so that everyone involved knows where they stand in the relationship or in the dating stage. For more information on this topic, visit the website of Macbeth dating agency.