5 signs she is hiding her feelings for you

You feel like the girl you like might be hiding her feels for you? In Macbeth Matchmaking, here we tell you the key signs to know if she is doing it. Sometimes, the solution is just around the corner.

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It’s a given that some women will want to hide their feelings from their male friends. There might be many reasons behind this and in most cases there’s really nothing to worry about – it’s not necessarily a negative sign or that drastic measures are required! It’s just a case of understanding the situation, being open and frank with one another and making sure to set time aside to work things out together, in a way that takes the needs of both into account.

In this article we’ll look at some signs that she is hiding her feelings for you and we’ll look at what can be done in these cases. Don’t worry, in most cases the solution is just around the corner!

1. She Seems A Bit Nervous When She’s Around You

The first sign that she might be hiding her feelings for you is that she seems nervous whenever she’s near you. Have you noticed anything unusual in her behaviour recently, especially when you spend time together, alone or with other friends? She might act shy, or she might be unsure how to react to you or unsure of what to say, for example. These might all be tell-tale signs that she has feeling for you that she’s not yet sure how to communicate. She might be afraid of rejection or afraid of your reaction.

2. She Always Seems To Want To Spend Time With You

Another of the signs she is hiding her feelings for you may be that the girl in question very often seeks to spend time with you, seeking you out and asking to meet up – this might be to go out for drinks together, to see a movie, to go to the gym for a joint workout, etc. Have you noticed an increase in her offers to do activities together? If so, she may well be harbouring feelings that she is channelling through her offers to meet up in social situations, in order to spend more time with you and work out exactly what she is feeling. Perhaps she’s buying time to gather up the courage to tell you how she really feels about you – we’ve all been there, if we’re honest with ourselves!

3. She Talks About You In Her Social Circle

Some women who have secret feelings for a man that is close to them in their lives will talk about him within their social circle, typically their closest girlfriends or best friend. This might even be subconscious on their part! It makes it much easier if you share your social circle with her, as this will help with the detective work! Or you might have even been within earshot of a specific conversation about you recently. If you become aware through your shared social circle or through friends of friends that she has been talking about you with her girls, or about the times when you hang out together, this might be a sure-fire sign that she has strong hidden feelings for you that she is dying to share with you, sooner rather than later.

4. She Sends Flirtatious Messages

There are more possible signs that she is hiding her feelings from you: does the girl in question seem to be sending you messages in a tone that’s just a little more flirtatious than one would expect for a friend? Do you get that sneaky feeling that her texts have some sort of underlying message, that she wants to say something without actually saying it? This is a very common strategy for girls who are hiding their feelings and is a relatively easy one to spot. Something else to look at is the frequency of her messaging – does she seem to want to contact you in the evenings and weekends, or first thing in the morning? Has the content of her messages changed recently? Is she flirting over text? Go back to her previous messages and take a look – you might be on to something!

5. She Seems Jealous

Does she seem jealous of your other female friends? This might manifest in many different ways as not all women are the same. It might even be very subtle – a slight gesture or look in a social situation, for example, might be enough to give her away. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for suspicious behaviour! If you notice that she gets a little edgy when you spend time with your other female friends, or when she notices your attention is divided or when you receive a message from another girl, it may well be that she secretly likes you and is afraid to lose you to another woman unless she acts quickly – but she may well be stuck on how to make the first move!

Is she in love with you?

So those are the signs a woman is hiding her feelings for you. But is she in love with you? The answer may not always be right there in front of us, but if we follow the above tips one by one we might well be on our way to the truth of the situation. Either way, it’s best to know sooner rather than later so we can act upon it! It might well be the case that we need to step up and make the first move, depending on the kind of girl in question. Some are more confident than others! In any case, Macbeth brings you an exclusive dating service.